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Our Services


This is the most sought after service offered by us. We are leveraging a team of 30+ digital wizards working on various projects for different clients. The team members specialise in both web and mobile, Software Development, SEO, UI, Analytics, Online Marketing, Ecommerce and Social Media. In an environment where what worked yesterday seems redundant today and multiple options of moving ahead in the future seems available , this rich experience and hands on continuous work on live projects gives us the advantage to help you assess your exact need of building the Brand and business online. Accordingly we plan and provide optimised solutions for you to be implemented for maximum ROI.


The way websites used to work is a thing of the past, today’s websites tend to do more than be a static few pageloads, they have to be optimised for all screens, and be therefore responsive. Being able to induce engagement with the customer is the need. And our would be buyer is on the Mobile always researching for our kind of products and services. Our top of the line development capabilities of websites and customised softwares to Mobile applications would help you stand out from your competitor and get that hard to please customer

Digital & Social Media Marketing

To help take your brand where it needs to be for recall, lead generations and sales conversions, our experts in Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile SEO, Paid Search marketing, email marketing and Display & Network Advertising, will work closely on your needs and provide you with the necessary marketing tools to meet your stated objectives. With continuously measuring effectiveness we fine tune optimised plans and campaigns for maximum effectiveness. We also help you in your overall online reputation management.

For Netizens Social Media is the number one activity today. Our consumers are clustered in online communities on various available platforms today, be it facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Pinterest etc which collectively engage billions on a daily basis and in real time. And social is growing bigger with the growth of Mobile. Reaching out to our customers on Social media can be most rewarding as we can have laser sharp targetability according to interest groups, communities, demographics alongwith various other parameters. We help you tap this incredible potential through our host of social media marketing services and help you reach out to your right prospects at the right time.


E commerce in India stands at Rs. 80,000 cr+ and Online retail at Rs. 10,000 cr which is growing at 40% YOY, online shopper base is at 12 million and growing 30% YOY. Every business today should be looking at selling its products and services online. We have a host of solutions which help your Brand tap into this evergrowing medium of increasing your business online. We could help you with cost effective e commerce website, plug and play formats and help you identify and leverage multiple offerings currently available for your line of business. We will work with you closely to define your goals and needs and help you identify the right technology, marketing, merchandising, Optimising inventory & application integration, and assist you in setting up backend systems suited for you.